Flooding Aftermath

As everyone is aware there was major flooding in the Canterbury area over the last week. Though Ashburton Paintball did not manage to avoid the rising flood waters we are still open for business.

Once the water went down, we were able to get some of our staff down to the field on Tuesday. The water rose deep enough that it was in the village field and ranged from a few centimetres to a couple of feet deep there. Other than getting very wet the village managed to survive and the Speedball field had no damage at all.

However, the Foxhole field and the Laneway were not so lucky. The Foxhole field has had water flowing through the southern end, the trenches filled up with water and tyres have been moved. We will need to wait until the water completely drains out for us to do any more work there. The Laneway wore the brunt of the force from the flooding and is all but cleared of tyres and drums, this will need to be rebuilt before we can use it again.

 At this stage we are looking at it as an opportunity to make changes down there but until further notice these two fields will be closed to the public. This will allow us to make repairs and improvements.

Hopefully we will have the full park back up and running before the July club day, watch out for updates on the changes being made at the field.