Paintball Equipment

If you want or need it, We can get it, Ashburton Paintball has great relationships with all the major suppliers in New Zealand, if there is something special that you want we can talk to our suppliers and get it in for you. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see what we currently have in stock,

If you have something that you no longer need talk to us about us selling it on your behalf,


Ashburton Paintball understands how important shooting good paint is to our customers, We only order in paint as we need it, this helps avoid stock getting old and stale, we support all the paint suppliers in New Zealand, if there is a particular brand of paint that you love to shoot, talk to us about holding some in stock for you,

All our paint is stored in a temperature monitored and a controlled environment to ensure that our paint does not spoil, All paint is kept within manufactures recommended Temperatures.

Air Tanks

Ashburton Paintball has recently developed a relationship with Airtanks, we can now stock Gladiator Air tanks and regulators, if that old tank is looking a bit shabby, talk to us about getting a new one

Repair Shop

If you break it! we can fix it, our staff have over 15 years of experience in the paintball industry and know how frustrating it can be when our equipment fails,

With our network of suppliers and expert knowledge we can repair your equipment and get you back out on the field with as little stress as possible, Ask Us about our Marker servicing plan to help keep your favorite paint shooter in tip top condition,