January Club Day

Only two weeks until our first club day of 2021, everyone is welcome, bring your own paintball equipment and join in games with like minded people that enjoy the sport as much as you do, if you don’t have your own equipment let us know and we can supply it for you, even if your marker isn’t working just right, bring it along, our team of marker Tech’s will surely to be able to assist you, club day pricing applies for the day, this can be found on the Clubs page https://ashburtonpaintball.co.nz/clubs/ If you need Paint for the day also let us know so that we can have enough in stock. we can order more in if needed, Join in the discussion about the club day on our Facebook post for the event, https://www.facebook.com/events/406643173711532 We look forward to seeing you all for another exciting year of paintball.