By becoming an Associate of Ashburton Paintball Park, you as a member will receive many benefits, and will be able to keep up to date on events happening in and around Canterbury.
Associates will have access to Discounted Field Hire at Ashburton Paintball Park for the year in which they are registered.
Access to a network of like-minded players and event organisers.
Access to discounted playing equipment hire.
The ability to provide evidence that they are part of an organised group of paintball players.
You will be able to reserve paint for use at Ashburton Paintball club and scenario days.
Associates will be invited to participate in the development of the park through working bee’s and build days.
You will be able to offer input into scenarios and events run at Ashburton Paintball Park.

In return Ashburton Paintball asks that everyone that is an associate of the park;
-Use respect towards each other and anyone that plays at Ashburton Paintball.
-Works together to grow the sport no matter what style of play people wish to play.
-Be ambassadors for the sport of paintball.
-Refrain from actions that attract bad publicity for the park or the sport of paintball.